Sustainable Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services

What is Green Cleaning Janitorial Services? 

There’s a misconception that sustainable commercial green cleaning and janitorial services mainly involve using eco-friendly commercial cleaning products. While this makes up a portion of what it means to be sustainable, it is simply a little piece of a puzzle. Green cleaning involves implementing earth-friendly products and other practices that actively reduce the amount of waste produced by a small company. These practices can be as simple as implementing recycled toiler paper in bathrooms, using microfiber based mops when cleaning, and even implementing designated bins for recycling and glass. 

eco friendly janitorial services

Why Choose a Green Cleaning Service

There are many benefits to choosing eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning services for your small business. Today a lot of the products used in commercial cleaning can be toxic and damaging to the environment. In addition, commercial cleaners are irritants, and so they can lead to sensitivities or skin rashes. When choosing an eco-friendly commercial cleaning service for your small business, your company can actively reduce its environmental impact and make the work environment and the world a better place for all.

  1. A Better Environment for Co-Workers: Many aerosol commercial cleaning products contain harsh chemicals like volatile organic compounds and ammonia. When sprayed or used on a surface, these products can irritate sensitive areas like eyes, skin, and nose. They can also lead to headaches and breathing problems. Using earth-friendly cleaning products during a commercial clean will actively improve air quality and eliminate the risk of work-related health issues.
  2. Sustainable Janitorial Services for a Better Planet: Green cleaning janitorial services can implement everyday products like hardwound paper rolls and paper towels that are recycled from plant fibers. 
  3. Reduce the risk of toxic chemicals leaching into the environment. Many of the common cleaning products used in commercial cleaning are not biodegradable and can be very harmful to the environment. This is particularly the case when janitorial services use commercial cleaners in bathrooms as it increases the risk of toxins leaching into our waterway. By choosing plant-based organic cleaning products where possible, companies will be one step closer to decreasing water pollution.
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Choosing Sustainable and Earth Friendly Janitorial Services Boosts Your Company Image

Today choosing sustainable earth-friendly janitorial and commercial cleaning service can really affect your companies brand name. With the rise and concern of global warming and deforestation, more people indulge and support the idea of eco-friendly living. A small business that implements corporate social responsibility will positively affect their workers, customers, and the environment. It’s not difficult to do! If your company is ready to switch to environmentally responsible and earth sustainable services, then reach out to our team members at Patriot USA.

At Patriot USA commercial cleaning and janitorial services, we proudly offer specialized cleaning services for companies looking to transition. We offer companies an opportunity to implement a better and more environmentally efficient program that will reduce their carbon footprint and improve the work atmosphere.