Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service!

Many decades ago I was just learning the cleaning business estimating a job with a very experienced rep. We waited in the lobby while the time for our meeting passed and 45 minutes later we were still waiting. I think he must have sensed the frustration and said, “it’s no big deal, I know my place.”

It took years for what he had said to me to sink in. Essential business operations did not rank cleaning in the hierarchy of importance.

Over the years, we have bucked that idea. My experience serving our country taught me everyone is important and makes a contribution. 

That old saying “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression” rings true. The condition of cleanliness of business speaks about the brand in a way even a spokesperson can not.

Over the years some of our our clients have given bbq’s, going away parties, baby showers and Christmas parties for our people. A few ask about our staff when they get sick or move away. Most however are silently working behind the scenes at our customers so we do our best to care for them at Patriot and acknowledge their contribution. 

Pandemic has brought a huge shift in the importance of a strong cleaning team. Lack of sanitization against Coronavirus can effect ongoing operations, health and safety of employees and their families, morale, confidence of customers, and ultimately the bottom line in a way that is far more tangible. 

Thank You for Your Service

Today our staff at one of our facilities are being given gift and thank you cards purchased from the facilities manager’s pocket. I get messages every day from clients expressing appreciation of our teams and recognizing their value. 

Our cleaners are on the front lines against Covid-19 and they are at risk. Along with so many others who are serving the public they are keeping essential businesses open. Soon they will be key to the economy return with a higher priority than ever before.

I am proud to be part of our team here at Patriot USA and honored to recognize them along with medical, first responders and other essential workers. Thank you for your service! 

Thank You For Your Service

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