Top 10

Top 10 reasons for getting another cleaning company

Top 10

Over almost twenty years in this business we have been blessed to capture our competitors clients.

When walking through on an estimate we always ask “what’s your reason for wanting to change? “.

The answers are entertaining (but certainly not funny if you are the client)

Top 10

10- “The cleaner has been eating his lunch on the president’s desk.”

9- “We caught the cleaners having sex in the lounge. Do you offer upholstery cleaning?”

8- “I refilled my candy jar before I left last night. This morning, when I arrived someone had picked through and ate all the Reese’s and Kisses.”

7- “We watched on camera as the staff walked through but did not clean. Instead we watched them dancing. My building is dirty- not a disco”

6- “My laptop is gone.”

5- “It’s as dirty this morning as it was yesterday. Maybe even dirtier. I think the cleaner is bringing in dirt here from outside”

4- “We have giant dust bunnies”

3- “we think the cleaning company hit the lottery. We called and called but no one answers or shows up”

2- “We saw the cleaner using a mop to clean the tables in the lunchroom”

1- “the cleaner brought his teenage son to help him clean. The boy found keys to the presidents Mercedes in the facility’s garage bay. Took it for a joyride and totaled it. Then he somehow parked it back in the garage, and said nothing”

We seriously hope you don’t have any problems like these. Perhaps your facility or restaurant just needs more attention.


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