The Value of Turnkey (calculating total cost)

turnkey is defined as of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use.

“turnkey systems for janitorial customers”


When selecting a cleaning firm and considering cleaning or janitorial costs, it’s easy to miss the big picture.

Imagine briefly, arriving at work in the morning to find the conditions in poor shape. The facility is dirty, soap and paper was not re-stocked. The cleaning staff “dropped the ball again” and there were a bunch of things they missed.

You or your team start taking notes, and reach out with calls or emails to voice your concerns. Staff or clients start to arrive, not to mention a VIP or two and find your corporate image not at it’s best. The stress piles on.


•What should you and your management team be spending your time on?

Each person in a firm has a large tasking that must be completed every day.

-Do we really want your management team or staff chasing janitorial issues?


-Would their time be better spent on the business of the day?


•What is management’s time worth?

It’s great to save a few dollars on the monthly cleaning bill, but is it at a cost of management oversight?

-How much time do management spend communicating concerns about the janitorial needs or facility condition?



1- How much time are they spending on average communicating X _________

2- how many staff are voicing concerns or guiding the cleaning company X ________

3- how much management is paid hourly X_______

4- how frequently (Ex: once weekly, twice weekly or more) X_______


Here is an example from one firm:

40 minutes x 3 people x $25 per hour x once a week = $50 per week.

That means the janitorial company is costing $2600 per year in loss of efficiency.

*** Always compare ACTUAL costs against anticipated cost savings.

-Did you really save money by hiring that “budget firm”?


NOTE: These actual costs also apply to companies attempting to maintain their properties “in house”, as opposed to employing a professional commercial cleaning company.

Management oversight cost is often overlooked as is the additional cost of coordinating for absenteeism and turnover.


•What is the cost of your staff taking their eyes off your core business practices?

Are your staff focused on that important client or that bottom line number on the spreadsheet?

-If they are not prepared, what could be the cost to your company?

-Are there pressing business tasks that need attention?


•What is the value of the morale, and attitude of your staff?

•What is the value of protecting your image?


Just because these things aren’t “easily measurable” (often because of a lack of willingness or time constraints) doesn’t mean there isn’t a large cumulative financial impact to your business.




We suggest, when selecting a janitorial service provider, the goal should always be turnkey as possible. If you or your staff are dealing with any of these issues, we suggest it’s time for a new cleaning company.



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