World Champions

World Champions

World Champions

Being from the Philadelphia area, and long time Eagles fans we have waited a lifetime for a Super Bowl win. Last night was a special victory. The Philadelphia Eagles won and as a result America won too.

Yes, we are Patriot USA!  We are 100% service disabled veteran owned.  Our company is Patriot because we are deeply patriotic. We are not affiliated with New England nor are we fans. We are Eagles fans and proud of our team our city and our country.

On being the underdog and triumphing over adversity, this season has been a lesson and a metaphor for business and in life.

A few things come to mind.

ONE- Never give up on your dreams. The lesson is to keep striving if you get knocked down. Push forward if everyone says you can’t. Don’t listen. Perseverance against the odds is key. Get up and keep going. Thats the only way to be left standing.

TWO- Play for each other. I heard over and over this year that there was something special in the locker room and on the field. A testament to the cliche that there is truly no I in team.

In business, I’m a big fan of my team and I give them my all every day. They respond with second to none performance. We are deeply proud of each other. Our people clean hard every day. Our cleaners go home exhausted daily. They strive to be the very best. All this goes on behind the scenes at our clients facilities. We are underdogs too. (no one roots for the janitor). There are no sporting events to commemorate our company. In my eyes, and in the eyes of many of our clients we are the world champions of cleaning.

World Champions ? Today we are!

God bless the Philadelphia Eagles, God Bless Philadelphia and God Bless the USA.



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