Commercial Cleaning Services for Government Buildings

government office cleaning

We are professionals and are equipped and trained to work in public government buildings and municipalities. We ensure a safe, thorough, and highly reliable service that transcends the nature of the building. Our team has worked in both high and medium security government facilities from the United States Postal Service U.S.P.S. to the Department of Defense D.O.D. As professionals, we have the experience as well as the training to work around restrictions and follow protocols.

We can seek clearances to meet your specific facility requirements, and ensure that our staff adheres to all rules and regulations governing our personnel and activity in the facility. We work with your management closely to ensure that there is never a problem with service or security when our staff is working in the building.

No Government Facility Too Challenging

We’ve carried out throughout cleaning and disinfection in all types of facilities. Regardless of the size and type of the building, you can be assured that we have the equipment and team to handle it.

Our team has handled complex cleaning projects in high-security buildings with 24/7 monitoring. We have cleaned aircraft hangars, barracks, depots, and other specialized areas on military installations, cleaned police stations and local municipalities and continue to provide an array of custom cleaning solutions to various government entities.

We know from experience that to provide exceptional cleaning, it is imperative that we are able to understand the inherent challenges and needs of the space, and what occurs in it. Using customized cleaning strategies and approaches ensures that we are able to clean a multitude of types of spaces, from large facilities to small from rest rooms and high-traffic areas to the most secure areas in the building.

A Thorough Disinfection Campaign for Every Building

All buildings require thorough disinfection. Most government buildings should benefit by the approach to cleaning we follow as established by the CDC. Our disinfection campaign makes sure that every surface, nook, and cranny possible is disinfected and an array of methods are used to ensure that all offices and spaces are odor-free.

Our disinfection system ensures that a government building is also free from dirt and dust and treated against bacteria and viruses. That’s why we are the trusted company of choice for a growing number of government buildings, government contractors and private corporations.

No Compromise on Your Security

Government buildings have a multitude of areas from public spaces to high security. When it comes to cleaning high-security spaces, we work to obtain the clearances necessary with the building security representative. Our staff will follow the security protocols that are required for each facility. Furthermore, every member of our team is vetted in advance and will pass required background checks before being given access to the property.

Call Us Today to Formulate a Cleaning Plan

We have been providing commercial cleaning services for government facilities and municipal buildings since 1998. Considering every building is different, it is important to formulate a cleaning plan keeping both the security of the building and cleaning needs in mind. When you call us, we can arrange to meet and develop out a plan that works best for the building individual needs.

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