Carpet Cleaning

Patriot offers carpet cleaning, maintenance and stain removal including hot water machine extraction methods using portable machines or truck mounted equipment. While performing the service, we also can clean some types of upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning

In addition we also offer brush and bonnet cleaning, host and dry cleaning methods.

Each of these methods are effective ways of cleaning carpets but each of them has an application where the technique is most suitable. In each case, cleaning is deep to the fiber improving the look and removing residual odor.

Patriot cleaners apply an enzymatic stain removal treatment before extracting where applicable, agitating by hand the rug river with a nylon brush and allowing for the proper time before hot water extraction. This method is effective for protein based stain lightening or removal such as coffee or food.

Keeping carpets cleaned and removing stains and traffic patterns as quickly as possible decreases the chances that the stain or pattern becomes permanent.

Also, dirty carpeting is a sure way to give the impression of a dirty facility, even if other areas are well cleaned.

Our estimator will share with you what can be the expected results from the proper

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cleaning method, and we will recommend replacement rather than cleaning for materials that we believe will not return to their original condition.

We will also be able to share with you realistic drying times needed before traffic is recommended on the floor.

Patriot also offers furniture removal and replacement in areas where client staffing is unavailable and we can put down foam blocks to rest the furniture on while drying.