Commercial Cleaning Services for Restaurants

Coffee shop woman owner working with face mask and gloves, cleaning and disinfecting tables.

Food and Beverage businesses know how important good cleaning practices are to the success of their business. Professional restaurant commercial cleaning service can mean the difference between success and failure because a negative cleanliness image leads to less customers. That’s where Patriot USA’s team of professional commercial restaurant cleaners can help!

We are more than just professional cleaners; we are a facilities maintenance company with decades of experience working with the restaurant industry. By hiring Patriot USA, you are ensuring that your restaurant is noticeably clean, safe, and healthy. Furthermore, our services make it far less likely that your restaurant will ever fail a health inspection, pr be the subject to a “It’s Dirty” mean tweet or Nasty Yelp Review.

Why Choose Our Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Service?

We are well known as a specialist for Front and or Back of the House restaurant cleaning including dining rooms, kitchens and all types of kitchen equipment for top restaurants locally nationally. General Managers and Restaurant Owners choose us because they need turnkey service and want to focus on their core business of selling food and beverage as opposed to focusing on the cleaning. Our service is customized which means we build our services to suit each clients needs, property, budget and more.

As a restaurant, we know the goal is profitability, and that’s why our services are competitively priced. Our approach to your service gives maximum value for your R&M budget and with over two decades experience servicing high end properties, you can enjoy the peace of mind of choosing a company with an excellent track record, and a client retention rate of close to 98%.

  • We use green and environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques.
  • We establish a level of quality assurance at your restaurant by inspecting and correcting discrepancies at the end of each service.
  • We use the latest equipment and cleaners with successful restaurant cleaning experience to ensure that the job is completed on time and exceeds quality standards.
  • With decades of experience and many restaurants cleaned for years, we have seen and cleaned it all… Almost. We are still always open to learning something new.
  • Management and owners from restaurants, routinely rehire us for their new ventures. Once you use Patriot, you’ll likely ask us to service you elsewhere.

Effectively Disinfect and Remove Odors

Proper disinfection leads to odor removal and a safe environment for guests and staff alike. That’s why we use a system that ensures that all surfaces are clean, disinfected, and odors of all types are neutralized. We do this by using CDC recommended disinfectants and following process guidelines that kill harmful bacteria on just about any surface. Your restaurant will be left smelling fresh and clean, and your customers and staff will feel confident that your location is a safe place.

Clean Bathrooms

As with any restaurant cleanliness of the entire business is often judged by the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Regardless of how clean your restaurant may be a dirty bathroom leaves a very bad impression. That’s why our focus in restaurants starts with the restrooms making sure they set the high cleaning standard and then we ensure the rest of the restaurant will follow. Clean, smelling good and restocked properly sets the stage for the “big show” or the complete dining experience. At one point the travel channel had a top ten program that rated one of the restaurants we clean to have “ the cleanest restaurant bathroom in the world”

Excellent Customer Service

Our industry leading restaurant cleaning service is coupled with benchmark communication systems to ensure we are always there to address your needs round the clock and year round. For existing clients we are available for emergencies, special services, and have routinely set the stage for filming cooking shows where things had to shine for the cameras. We service with a smile for hundreds of restaurants, yet the focus will be on your needs. We will dedicate a supervisor and manager to every client we serve.  24/7 Year Round. We are here for your needs.

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A clean restaurant is the key to doing great business!Coupled with great food and excellent service adding Patriot USA to ensure your restaurant is always clean is the perfect recipe for success.

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