Janitorial Service

Janitorial Service  service to include the complete cleaning, sanitization and restoration of restrooms or the entire facility.

Janitorial Service

We have all seen that T.V. show. The one with the Janitor. That cynical type who doesn’t like his job.

In fact, Janitorial staff have become interchangeable for the job title most don’t want. “If I mess this up they will promote me to Janitor”

We don’t feel this way at Patriot USA.

We put emphasis on hiring the best janitorial staff available. Why?

Our company deeply believes the core most business rests on the cleaning and maintenance staff, even though the maintenance staff are often an afterthought or looked at less than favorably by others.

If you don’t agree, we suggest you have your bathroom “not cleaned or restocked” for a few days and prepare for your staff to revolt. It usually starts with the ladies in the front office, but even warehouse staff and truckers will likely be up in arms.

Janitorial Service

Janitorial staff play a key role in the health of a company.

Our staff put a priority on sanitary rest rooms and also in disinfecting surfaces such as phones, keyboards, door handles, door frames and light switches. Keeping these surfaces sanitized decreases the opportunity for the spread of viruses which can debilitate a company’s productivity and hurt profitability.

We see it every winter. Offices half empty with many call outs for the most recent bug.

At Patriot USA, we provide janitors who are proud of being janitors.

NAICS 561720



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