A well maintained facility speaks volumes about the business occupying it.


Maintenance conditions affect corporate image, the health of employees and morale.

With rising costs and small budgets maintaining a property to standard is more of a challenge than ever before.

Patriot’s revolutionary approach blends a potent combination of expert management, quality labor, tools, technology and knowledge to provide superior value at an affordable price.

Centralizing spending with Patriot USA for multiple service needs or properties adds to your buying power.

Let Patriot USA show you how to leverage your spending for enhanced value at your facilities.

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We provide professional staffing for Hospitality and Food and Beverage including Housekeeping and Kitchen staff and commercial cleaning and facilities management services nationwide. Patriot USA has a long history of providing high quality staffing and maintenance to firms across the United States of America.


Headquartered in the Philadelphia area and founded in 1998, we have successfully provided staffing and services for decades from coast to coast.


Our motto is a quote by General George Washington- “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those be well tried before you give them your confidence.” We have spent many years working successfully at being the kind of firm you can trust.

Patriot offers attention to detail without premium pricing. Our solutions are available individually or as regularly scheduled maintenance and pricing is available ala-carte or in custom packages catered to your specific needs.

At Patriot USA our management and staff have over twenty years combined experience in Staffing, Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Service and Facilities Maintenance.

We are not a franchised operation, and therefore have complete control over labor and pricing.

There are no franchise fees, royalty fees, license fees, or monthly residual fees that have to be paid to a parent company.

The majority of our costs and expenses are paid directly to the people who work at your facility.

We continually keep abreast of the latest equipment, materials and training necessary in performing our services.

Our service network includes both in house personnel as well as a variety of well screened, bonded and insured affiliate service providers and staff with a long history of satisfying our clients.

Why trust your property to anyone else?