Window Cleaning

Patriot USA provides window cleaning from storefronts to skyscrapers including interior and exterior window cleaning.

Window Cleaning

In addition, clean windows showcase a business as a success, providing a morale boosting view to employees and project an image that clients want to buy.

Yet we have all heard the clichè, “We don’t do windows”. Why not?

The simple answer is window cleaning is a challenge. Windows require specialized cleaning personnel, should be done in good weather and with maximum daylight. In addition, windows show sins more than any other surface, so if they are not clean the staff must return to clean again till they look right. Glass can hide a film that can not be seen till the brightest daylight and then, what was missed can be very obvious.

The deeper answer is that in high areas they often require specialized equipment such as lifts or lift trucks, and sometimes scaffolds or climbing equipment. Windows often have multiple dimensions, or parts. Some require disassembly to be properly cleaned.

In addition, cleaning windows requires detail oriented personnel who focus on more than the windows, but also the window frames and hardware.

Cleaning windows requires not only a company who is concerned with quality, but also very safety conscious.

At Patriot, USA safety is number one only to quality and both of these are paramount to your satisfaction.

Let our specialists craft a customized maintenance program to suit your needs and budget.



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